Crude oil tanker leasing 

 & capital management solutions. 

 Increase flexibility. increase cash flow. 

 Preserve working capital. 

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Welcome to Five Star Leasing

Our mission: to provide capital management soluSons that will increase flexibility, preserve working capital, and increase cash flow by providing customers with efficient opSons for leasing crude oil trailers. Five Star Leasing will acquire new equipment to your desired specificaSons and can assist you in developing equipment to maximize your efficiency. Five Star Leasing is not only well-versed in equipment and market demands, but has an experSse in balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Whether you are just ge`ng started in the oil business, or are looking to add more equipment to your exisSng fleet, call us for your leasing needs.


nick kuntz


Nick combines a lending background with sales and marketing experience to provide a logical, customer-oriented experience for his clients. Nick is confident that he can help his customers grow and thrive by protecting working capital and increasing flexibility in a developing market. Nick and his wife, Marti, were both born and raised in Helena and they currently have one son, Declan.

mark esponda


Mark couples a commercial lending, financial analytics, and capital management background to provide customers with a numbers based approach to formulate decision processes for their respective company. Mark focuses on helping customers obtain growth and fill opportunities with capital management in the form of leasing options where cash and working capital can be properly leveraged for maximum financial performance. Mark and his wife, Lindsay, reside in Helena with their four children.

Jennifer Lintner


Jennifer keeps the office running smoothly. She has over a decade of accounting experience that ensures all billing, payroll, invoices and accounts payable and receivable are completed timely and accurately. Jennifer also works to ensure excellent customer service is achieved with each client. Jennifer and her husband, Kevin, reside in Helena with their children.


benefits of leasing

working capital

Better position your business to respond market changes and keep capital available for growth and core business development.

cash flow

Utilize cash for maximum earning power
for Increased revenues and profits.


Keep your equipment on pace with emerging technology.

tax advantages

Deduct your lease expenses from taxable profits.


Structure your payments to meet your objectives.



Available for lease

  • Vacuum trailers

  • Crude trailers

  • Side dump trailers

  • Belly dumps

  • Trucks


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